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  1. It is difficult for home appliance companies to use the public account to drain. Today, Doufeng Network uses the actual case of public account operations to talk about how the home appliance public account operates. Refer to how to operate the public account of the appliances of the appliances
    The purpose of operating the public account of home appliances is 30%for brand promotion, 70%is to promote products, increase sales,
    The home appliance public account is registered Doufeng Network recommends registered service numbers and releases four times a month, because this product public account does not need to publish information every day, but uses functional services to attract fans.
    It -like public accounts of the A home appliances operated by Doufeng Network, the background menu bar will insert customer service function. On other e -commerce platforms, you will say that artificial customer service shall be replied to the public account XX background. This will ensure that you have purchased it. Customer resources.
    The most important thing to operate home appliances public account is to maintain customer relationships, and it is necessary to use enough detailed communication and copywriting to obtain customer trust.
    If public account operations must publish information about users related to users, don't be too stereotyped and too far away from the theme.
    The activity is to do. A major reason for users is favorable. If this public account can allow users to feel more discounts, it can speed up the public account and brand communication.
    The public account can make money as well. Public accounts such as Haier, Gree and other home appliances can support the expenses of a department.
    The block diagrams, typesetting, custom menu, automatic reply, these basic elements must be planned.

  2. I. Establishing a communication matrix
    The WeChat public account is an important platform for corporate communication. In the media era, all small and small companies can have their own public account. Today's public relations communication company should assist enterprises to establish a self -media group and establish a new communication matrix.
    Why do you form a matrix? Because for some big brands, there will be a group public account in itself, but its product lines are wide, so each product can have its own public account and form a new media cluster together.
    It to operate such a propagation matrix, a professional team requires professional teams, or self -built team operations or service outsourcing.
    For example, the public account matrix of Haier in the home appliance industry. In addition to the public account of the group, Haier also allowed various product lines to "self -stand" on the WeChat public platform, forming a "United Nations" self -media "United Nations". For a home appliance brand, its product lines are very wide, including various home appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines. Setting different public accounts is not only conducive to users' subdivision management, but also convenient to filter out useless content and directly obtain the most effective information.
    The WeChat public account communication is a very important communication mode based on mobile internet, which is also an opportunity for the public relations industry. Because not every company has enough manpower and ability to operate from the media. But to manage these public accounts is indeed a huge challenge.
    . Hold the hot spots
    Now WeChat has 67 million users, and there are more than 8 million public accounts. Whether it is the public account of the enterprise or the operation with the outsourcing company, we must first grab the time.
    The new media subverts the concept of time of traditional media, without waiting for typography, printing, and distribution. For our company, there is no clear limit of commuting. Maybe three times in the middle of the night, or a mission of colleagues in the middle of the night. Because the number of information published by each public account is limited every day, today's information has been sent, but a heavy news may be revealed at night, so you must release this message at 0 o'clock.
    For example, Premier Li Keqiang put forward an important concept "Internet " in a government work report, which is a political hotspot, but it is also related to all industries. If his report was broadcast from the morning to noon, the public account of this day was mainly to discover hot spots from his report, and to find a way to use this "Internet " to promote the content that companies need to promote.
    , for example, Liu Xiang's retirement incident is a sports hotspot with high social attention. The hot spot was at 5 pm on April 7, 2015. As soon as the news came out, all employees of our company were staring at this matter. That night, everyone was working overtime. We find a way to show Liu Xiang's retirement incident in our own public account. According to the brand characteristics of different enterprises, the spirit and brand characteristics of Liu Xiang are "sticky" together on the public account of the corporate public account.
    . Visible hotspots
    In look at this company with better hotspots in the market. For example, Metusbon Wei puts the poster's focus on the "foot": "Every step is unusual." There is a review of the brand development process in the poster design, and there is also a prospect of a new life. It is very close to Liu Xiang's retired theme- "2015, welcome a new life, and not to go for ordinary way." HP printers start a creativity around "speed": "print speed and create world records."
    In fact, the key to how to stick hot spots is to first understand the core values ​​of the brand, and then further understand the brand style, brand story, industry background, etc. On this basis, combining sports hotspots, entertainment hotspots, political hotspots, and economic hotspots will continue to produce new ideas.
    spreads on the WeChat brand public account, and each fan may become a brand consumer. On WeChat, you can spread through graphic messages, videos, audio and other methods. You can also initiate interactive topics, such as "who is the national hero in your mind", allowing everyone to vote, participate, and choose. On the new media communication platform, enterprises can realize the interaction that many traditional channels cannot achieve.

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