How to make router signal coverage stronger?

Go to a friend's house, listen to a friend ridicule his home router is too bad, sitting in the living room with the phone connected to the WiFi to watch video, the signal is very strong, but leave the living room to go to the inside of the bedroom, WiFi signal attenuation is severe, the Internet speed is also plummeted.

The above scenario I believe many people have encountered, so without adding or replacing the router, what else can we do to make the router signal coverage stronger? Here are 4 tips to easily solve the problem of weak WIFI signal.

Adhering to the principle of spending as little money as possible, we prioritize the optimization of the original wireless router, and then consider the way of adding hardware to optimize it if necessary.


To avoid interference

There are many factors that affect the quality of wireless WiFi signal, which can not be avoided in life scenes, and can only be optimized as far as possible. Try not to have strong interference objects around the home wireless router, load-bearing wall, glass, ceramic tile should be avoided.

In addition, the router should be placed away from metal and other electrical items, especially high-power household appliances, such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, wireless phones, etc., otherwise its signal will be affected. To reduce interference, we should place the router away from home appliances.


Adjust the placement

Many homes are not particularly large. Basically, a router can be completely covered, but many partners stack routers in the corner space in order to get close to the plug and the network cable port. Some even have no place to put, directly glued to the wall, like a wireless router sent to the remote areas of Shankara, the effective coverage of the signal naturally reduced.

Generally speaking, the router is best placed in the center of the house, but because the layout of everyone's home is different, the actual situation is difficult to control, so Ozawa recommended to try to put close to our often active area, preferably the empty living room.

If you care about the router passing through the wall, it is recommended that you try to put the wireless router at the intersection of several rooms while taking into account the living room, so as to effectively ensure the strength of WiFi.


Extend the signal

In some older routers, the network signal strength is not strong enough, so it is easy to block the WIFI signal every layer of wall. At this point, we can use some "earth method" to enhance the WIFI signal of the router.

Ozawa teaches you a method, is "can enhance WIFI signal method". We cut the can into a fan shape with scissors, and then we cut a hole in the bottom of the can, and we insert the router's antenna into the hole in the bottom, and the fan can goes around the router's antenna, so it can enhance the WiFi signal

Note: Choose aluminum cans, not iron cans. Aluminum cans work best.


Select 2.4G WiFi

Today's routers are basically dual-band routers with two frequencies: 2.4G and 5G, but many people don't pay much attention to them. The two frequencies have their own advantages: the transmission rate of 2.4G frequency is only 300-450m /s, and the transmission rate of 5G is up to 1Gb/s, but the 2.4G wall-penetrating capability is much better than that of 5G.

In many cases, the lack of WIFI signal in your room is due to your phone being connected to a 5G frequency network, which can be replaced by your router's 2.4G network.

If you have a router that doesn't have a signal in your room, try these 4 methods. They may surprise you.

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